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Coed Varsity Hockey · Hockey Loses Physical Battle Against Crested Butte

If you enjoy a good old-fashioned hockey brawl, Saturday night’s game did not disappoint. The first time meeting with newcomer to the league, Crested Butte, was a fast paced game, packed with hard hits, penalties and even a fight or two.

Coronado welcomed Crested Butte to the league with a beautiful goal by league scoring leader, Tanner Mayberry on a pass from sophomore Lou Levy. Crested Butte would answer, minutes later, on a controversial goal by Crested Butte’s Josh Wallin. When goalie, Beau Foos, emerged from the pile up in the crease, he was looking for the interference call. No penalty would result. Taking matters into his own hands, Beau Foos would receive the first penalty of the game; two minute for roughing. Fortunately, the defense had Foos’ back and killed the penalty. However, the Titan’s first goal would allow Crested Butte to set up camp in the goalie’s crease and set the tone for a battle in front of the net.

The Cougars fought hard in the second period to defend their goalie. It was a hard hitting period, resulting in eight penalty minutes for the Cougars. While Coronado was successful on the penalty kill, Crested Butte would score their only power play goal on a three on five penalty prompted by Foos’ plea to the referee for the interference call. The Titans dominated the ice in the second period with 23 shots and the Cougars went into the locker room frustrated.

Coronado came out fighting in the third with a break-away goal by Ian Wark, set up by defenseman Max VanLancker. The tables were turned as the Titans served four penalties. While the Cougars continued to play physical, their only penalty in the third came when Colston Rice got a little too eager to step on the ice. Unfortunately, the Titan’s would go on the score 4 more goals in the third period, securing their 8-2 victory over the Cougars.

It was a hard fought, defensive game. Beau Foos made 46 saves moving him into the number one position in the State. The Cougars will meet the Titans again in Crested Butte on February 4. This afternoon, the Cougars take on Pine Creek at Sertich at 3:00.