z-old-Girls Basketball Fall 2017 schedule – September – October 17th

Fall Schedule 

Fee will be $40 per girl.  Please bring a check made out to Coronado High school.

JV – Games at Doherty
Monday 9-11 7:00pm Main Gym Coronado vs. Vanguard
Monday 9-19 7:00pm Aux Gym Rampart vs. Coronado
Monday 9-25 6:00pm Main Gym Palmer vs. Coronado
Tuesday 10-3 6:00pm Aux Gym Liberty vs. Coronado
Tuesday 10-10 6:00pm Aux Gym Air Academy vs. Coronado
Tuesday 10-17 6:00pm Main Gym Coronado vs. Pine Creek

Wednesday 10-18 6:00pm AUX Gym Coronado vs. Pine Creek
Varsity – Games at Doherty
Tuesday 9-12 6:00pm Main Gym DHS blue vs. Coronado
Tuesday 9-19 7:00pm Aux Gym Coronado vs. Pine Creek
Wednesday 9-27 8:00pm Main Gym Coronado vs. Mitchell
Tuesday 10-3 8:00pm Aux Gym Coronado vs. St. Marys
Tuesday 10-10 7:00pm Aux Gym DCC vs. Coronado
Tuesday 10-10 8:00pm Main Gym DHS black vs. Coronado


Monday – September 4 – 4-530 Aux gym——–
Wednesday – September 6 – 4-5:30 Aux gym
Wednesday – September 13 – 4-530 Aux gym
Wednesday – September 20 – 4:00-5:30 Aux gym
Wednesday – October 4 – 4:00-5:30 Aux gym
Wednesday – October 11 – 4:00-5:30 Aux gym  Varsity game moved to 10th

*******Players are required to attend two #one practice before competing in Fall League.  Missed *Wednesday practice = missing next game***************


# changed required attendance to “one” from “two” as Monday is holiday. – 9-4 be

* changed “missed practice” to “missed Wednesday practice” again to account for labor day practice and travels (Need one practice a week)- 9-4 be

*Updated JV game vs pine Creek to October  18 due to main gym basket being broken at Doherty. – 10-13 be